GDPR Day is upon us, let the cookie gifs reign

As of May 25th, 2018, the EU will begin enforcing new data protection laws.

At Shifter, protecting your data is our highest priority. To ensure this, our team has implemented all the necessary compliance requirements to meet these new standards and data protection laws. With this update, we’ve also updated our Privacy Policy to reflect these changes.

GDPR updates and email (lots and lots of email) are annoying but necessary. We apologize for the add one more digit to your inbox but we do what we have to do.

Data privacy is important. We are privacy advocates and want the web to be more secure which is why we’ve rolled out these changes. We also believe that these new data privacy laws are just the first step in greater changes to come and we welcome that.

Data Privacy at WCEU

If you’re really excited about GDPR or concerned that you may not know enough, join the data privacy workshop at WordCamp Europe!

Free Cookies

As a thank you for sticking it through another GDPR related email, we leave you our favorite cookie related gif.