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Fully-managed WordPress Hosting

Enterprise infrastructure with full-service support, Core updates, backups, and regular security audits so you can get back to what matters.


Serverless-Static WordPress Hosting

The WordPress hosting solution that combines static site generation and serverless architecture with the world’s most popular CMS

Open Source Projects

Community projects maintained by DigitalCube and its contributors.

Amazon Machine Image for WordPress

Amimoto AMI

Our one-click AMIs are the easiest and easiest way to launch WordPress in the cloud.

#amimoto #wordpress, #aws, #php7

Docker Container for WordPress


Docker image for testing WordPress themes and plugins while migrating to Shifter.

#shifter, #development, #wordpress, #docker

Contact Forms for Static WordPress Sites

Replace PHP contact form actions with HTTP endpoints such IFTTT, Basin and more.

#shifter, #javascript, #cf7, #wordpress

Search for Static WordPress Sites

WP Serverless Search

Search thousands of posts in milliseconds, with fuzzy matching and support for custom themes.

#shifter, #javascript, #jamstack, #search

AWS CloudFormation for WordPress


Simultaneously launch EC2, RDS, Load Balancers and more for WordPress using Amimoto AMI.

#amimoto, #aws, #cloudformation, #autoscaling

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