Test Drive: WPOnepager by Themesgrove

This is a review of the WordPress page builder plugin, WPOnepager (WordPress One-Pager). I recently gave it a try after our sponsorship event at WordCamp Bangkok. Let’s check it out!

In previous articles, we’ve demonstrated how WordPress page builders and Shifter can go great together in our review of Themeum. Whether it’s serving up fast truly static pages from our CDN or getting started with a pre-installed WordPress site, there are quite a few advantages.

WPOnepager is a WordPress page builder plugin created by the team at Themesgrove. As the name suggests, it’s designed for creating landing pages using WordPress.

Scrolling and a case for single page sites

It’s common for websites to include more than a single-page such as an about, home, contact page, and more. A multi-page structure is great for organizing and browsing a lot of information about an organization or company.

Compared to multi-page sites, single-page websites can be effective at highlighting a particular service or product and its features. Single-page websites are now a staple in web design not only for their simple approach and modern design but for how users interact with them.

Single-page websites challenge the idea that scrolling is bad. In most cases, this is clearly false but it really depends on the content. Scrolling can help tell a story or deliver content at a pace that makes it easy to understand. One of our favorite sites on this topic is Life below 600px.

More effective landing pages with Shifter

In addition to a one-page company or product site, landing pages offer benefits a well.

Shifter can create a completely static version of your WordPress site and its landing pages. Once those static pages are created, there is no need to maintain or update the WordPress plugins used to create them. It can be a daunting task for any admin, engineer or site manager, especially for high traffic landing pages but it’s no longer an issue on Shifter.

Landing pages on Shifter can also be a great tool for advertisement backed marketing campaigns. Landing pages by design receive a lot of traffic in a short amount of time and the underlying infrastructure for those sites can fail if they’re not appropriately sized for the task.

By serving a static a completely static site over our CDN with no origin server to fail, those marketing campaigns can run and deliver results without downtime or a missed opportunity.

Collaboration with Themesgrove

Parvez Akther from Themesgrove Founder & CEO

The Shifter team collaborated with Themesgrove members after meeting at WordCamp Bangkok. As an event co-sponsor and booth neighbor, it felt natural to try their WPOnepager plugin on Shifter.

During this test drive, we were able to provide the Themesgrove team with feedback and even create a pull request on the plugin’s open source project.

The collaboration with the people I met through the community was most enjoyable, and each member in Bangkok, India, Japan, USA, and the Netherlands conducted a test while communicating in full remote manner.



Themesgrove is a WordPress developer group that publishes many themes and plugins worldwide.



WPOnepager is a landing page builder plugin for WordPress that is an excellent product that even beginners can easily create effective landing pages.

There are a free version and paid version, so you should try the free version at first. It’s easy to use, just install the theme and activate it, then select and edit a pre-made template.

Thanks for reading!