Static Site Generator Tools for WordPress and Shifter API Updates

This release focused on the Shifter API. For us, evolving the API is an opportunity to improve speed, give devs more resources to build tools and plugins with Shifter, and allow our developers to write new features. It started as a WordPress static site generator and evolved Shifter as a fully hosted WordPress solution.

Static Site Generator

It’s an interesting time for Static Site Generators, especially for Shifter and WordPress. APIs are powering the next generation of web applications or extending those out there. Our CEO, Hiromichi Koga delivered a talk at WordCamp Kyoto 2017 on this topic including Microservices and APIs for extending WordPress.

For Static Sites backed by dynamic content, a well-written API can make you break your project.

If you are interested in learning more about the Shifter API or CLI tools available we have a few.

WP-CLI Shifter

Shifter WP-API static site generator wordpress

Managing Shifter by command line is available with the WP-CLI Shifter package. This package can be installed on any server which supports WP-CLI and lucky for WordPress developers that’s about any server out there. This is a CLI wrapper for the Shifter API and allows users to interact with Shifter using just a few simple commands. This CLI makes WordPress a Static Site Generator that’s easy to manage, ready to deploy and fully hosted.

Shifter API

Shifter API Swagger Shifter WP-API static site generator wordpress

Do you have an interesting idea for extending Shifter with a plugin or service?

Our API document is the place to start. Built with Swagger and available on Netlify, one of our premium deployment options for Shifter. This API is the foundation of what powers Shifter.

This token-based based API and can be used with any Shifter account. If you find you need something which isn’t available in the API, let us know. We work on what users need and the feedback is appreciated.

Release Notes

Corrected HTTP status code

We resolved a bug where the HTTP status code would return incorrectly. This is now resolved and available in the Shifter Dashboard.

Optimized results on returning values

Some values in the API will return null or empty. We’ve sped up the response time by removing those.

Updated API documentation

Our API document reflects the latest changes to the Shifter API, available now:

Modified URL hierarchical structure

A bit of housekeeping goes a long way. The URL structure of the Shifter API now matches the data structure for improved logic.