Announcing the “Skip Pages” Plugin, New Domain Options, Chat Support, and more

Shifter Knockout Full Color Background

Our latest Shifter release includes the “Skip Pages” plugin, a WordPress hotfix update, improved service with Intercom Chat Support, and a highly requested feature for extending preferred domain name options.

New Feature!: Shifter Skip Pages Plugin

This WordPress plugin for Shifter was designed to skip sometimes unnecessary pages such as Archives, Attachment Pages, RSS Feeds and more. Enabling and using this plugin could significantly reduce your time to generate. If your WordPress site has hundreds or thousands of attachments, posts, or pages that don’t need to be indexed this will come in handy.

Shifter CDN now supports Alternative Server Names

Now you can add additional domain names for Shifter CDN. This is great for anyone who wants to use multiple subdomains or domains for staging or deployment. For now, it’s limited to subdomains. For example; and If you have a specific domain need or question, let us know what you’re working on. Our feature development is driven by user requests so send us your feedback and requests!

Shifter will show links for deployed sites on the deployment page

Accessing deployed or published versions of your site by clicking Published Artifact on the Deploy tab. For more info on deploying from Shifter Artifacts check our revised Get Started doc.

WordPress Upgraded to 4.7.5

Any projects launched from Shifter will run the latest version 4.7.5, the most recent hotfix WordPress 4.7 Sarah “Sassy” Vaughan. This latest version of WordPress includes improved HTTP support and cross-site scripting (XSS) fixes.

Introducing Chat and Ticketing Support

Say hello! We’ve integrated a new support system from Intercom, which allows live chat and ticketing. So far we love it and think you will too. For support just reach start a chat, we are always happy to help. You’ll get updates via email or through your account in that chat so it’s seamless wherever you are.

Other fixes and updates

Improved server processes, additional security fixes and squashed the usual suspect bugs