Shifter pricing just got easier

Dear Shifter Customer,

We are writing to share some exciting news!

Starting today the current Pay-As-You-Go model will be replaced with new fixed plan options. We want Shifter to be simple and think the pricing should be too. You spoke, we listened, and thank you for the feedback.

Get started for as low as $15/mo or give it a try with our new, forever free plan.

Our forever free tier is for anyone who wants to try Shifter at no cost. That’s right! Free to try or get started with your next big project today.

Starting at $15/month our new paid plans comes in at half the cost with even more features. Most importantly the straight forward pricing and no guess work.

All current Shifter users will be set to the free plan. Please upgrade to a paid plan for features like a custom domain, more disk space or bandwidth. Just visit your dashboard or our pricing page to choose the right plan for you.

Thank you for your continued support,

The Shifter Team
A DigitalCube Product