Join us at WordCamp Europe Contributor Day

If you are headed to WCEU this year in Belgrade and have not signed up for contributor day yet, why the delay?!

Whether you’ve been to a dozen WordCamps or this is your first, contributor day is a great way to give back to the community and kick off the conference.

This years signature WordPress community driven event is happening the day before WordCamp sessions officially begin. We think that putting contributor day first is a great idea because it gives participants the opportunity to begin a contribution and work on it throughout the conference. If you get stuck or need feedback, there are plenty of people around to help!

Contributor Day is open to all WordCamp attendees who apply. Any skill level or interest in welcome including ones outside of WordPress such as audio-video editing, visual design, marketing, and more.

Here are a few of our favorite contributor day breakout groups.

Are you a Polyglot?

Being multi-lingual is especially significant at contributor day as it helps extend the coverage of WordPress support to more users. If you’ve ever had the experience of using a plugin or theme that was not available in your native language, you know first hand how helpful translations can be.

GDPR, so hot right now

If you’re well versed in GDPR or compliance there are plenty of opportunities for you at contributor day. With the recent release of WordPress 4.9.6 and the addition of GDPR compliance, you can join their team to audit and review the latest updates for further improvements on the roadmap to the version 5 release!

Core: Rest API

We dream that an API only and API first WordPress will exist some day. While that won’t happen overnight you can join the API team to share your feedback and lay the foundation.

It’s our belief that an API only / first WordPress would give developers more flexibility to use the WordPress CMS purely as a backend service.

This idea would be a step beyond the headless WP installs out there now and it’s currently not in the works but we can still dream.


Not the semi-edible cleaning product, the suite of automated tests for plugins and themes. The Tide project gives greater visibility into what plugins may have security flaws or deprecated functions contributing to performance issues.

It’s one of our favorite projects going on right now because it would help plugin users and developers¬† understand what they can improve without the grunt work of a line by line audit.

Will you join us?

Registration is still available here.