Introducing Shifter Headless

A headless-first WordPress hosting service created for JAMstack developers, built on the Shifter platform.

Shifter Headless was created for developers, agencies, and freelancers who use WordPress as a data source to host, build, and deploy modern web applications. It’s purpose-built for the next generation of JAMstack developers who are building sites today. Features include integrated web application firewalls, high-availability, no to low-config, and networking advantages for headless WordPress sites. From the very beginning, Shifter Headless was designed for growth, while giving our engineers the flexibility to adapt to feature requests and provide our customers with the tools they need.


Since the launch of Shifter in 2016, our mission has been to improve the security, scalability, and reliability of WordPress hosting. We believe that the latest technologies available to the modern web should be available to everyone, including the WordPress community. The growing JAMstack ecosystem is one area where we focus that effort. Sourcing content from WordPress-as-an-API have never been more popular and while it’s easy to do, it can be difficult to perfect. Shifter Headless solves the challenges facing headless WordPress by deeply integrating the latest hosting technology available. If you’re creating headless sites today using WordPress, Shifter Headless was created for you.


As our name implies, our goal is to shift legacy WordPress sites away from monolithic stacks and outdated DevOps to a streamlined, modern platform and workflow. We believe content creators and developers should have the same performance, experience, and benefits offered by world-class enterprise applications. That’s what Shifter Headless solves for headless WordPress.


Available today, Shifter Headless is the new Headless Plan from Shifter. Our headless plans allow you to develop modern Jamstack sites while using WordPress as a headless CMS. With our headless plans, there’s no need to worry about setup, we’ve included everything you’ll need to get started with your favorite framework.