Featured site: Compare insurance plans from industry-leading carriers at ShortTermHealthInsurance.com

Our next featured Shifter site is from ShortTermHealthInsurance.com, a place to find, search and compare short-term insurance plans from leading-industry carriers.

We’re particularly excited about this featured site because it highlights the strengths of WordPress as a well-designed project in a space not known for such things. This site is a pleasure to look at, navigate, and browse.

By migrating this WordPress site to Shifter it also has the benefits of zero-downtime, security against malicious and common WordPress attacks, and it the page load time is super fast!

Rank among the competition

We’ve discussed Page Speed in the past as a factor on Google and the same applies here. By combing the benefits of popular SEO plugins in the WordPress eco-system with the speed of Shifter you’ll be well position to rank.

Uptime, all the time

Any industry has its peaks and the insurance market is no different. We are happy to host this site because we know that as traffic comes in the site will scale as needed using automation and deliver low latency content from their static WordPress site to any region.

Data privacy at its core

The unique way Shifter works to host WordPress sites eliminates the risk of common database hacks. Our static site generator crawls each page to output static HTML, JS and CSS, which load fast in any browser.