Consider becoming a WordCamp Europe Microsponsor!

For those who’ve been to WordCamp you know how awesome an event it is. The investment of work and time it take for organizers and sponsors coming together to make it happen is an impressive feat.

One fo the great things about WordCamp is the cost of the ticket. This year, individual WordCamp Europe tickets are priced at €40. That includes a 2 day conference, access to contributor day, food and drink, and of course the after-party. All that for just €40!

But let’s not forget, the actual cost of the ticket. Depending on the conference the actual cost per person for WordCamp tickets can be as high as 4 times the cost of what an individual might pay.

Thanks to the financial  contributions from sponsors, at any level, access to WordCamps around the world are always affordable. That’s one of the reasons why Shifter is sponsoring WCEU!

A recently released sponsor level available for individuals is the new Microsponsor level.

Microsponsor tickets are perfect for small businesses or individuals looking to contribute more to the conference and pass the gift of a low cost ticket to those who truly need it.

Consider upgrading your WordCamp ticket today! Either way, swing by the Shifter booth in the sponsor hall to say hi and grab some SWAG.