Changelog: Added page template support, safe mode updates, and refactoring

In this Changelog, we are announcing new support for custom page template settings, static site generator stability, and improvements.

Container Updates

Updated PHP to version 7.2.11


Users who opt to set single page templates as their Frontpage now have that option. You can use this in combination with conditionals such as is_front_page(), along with other WordPress functions.

This change to single page templates also includes support for the page_for_posts function.

During these updates, we’ve refactored some smaller functions for added stability.

Dashboard UI

New users will now experience a new signup process while creating an account. This process includes a walkthrough for adding the necessary information while onboarding and we look forward to improving this over time.

Shifter Safe Mode

We recently released a new feature for Shifter Safe Mode which prevents safe mode starting while the container is running. This ensures that the container is not started in error.

To enable safe mode while the container app is running, you must first stop the container before starting safe mode.