Announcing Shifter Local and the release of the Version 2 API

Shifter API

Public API documentation for Shifter Version 2 release is now available. View the projects on Github or the API doc website.

Download the Swagger config to add to your API project such as Postman or SwaggerHub and please feel free to contribute with your feedback on Github.

Shifter Local

Officially announced the public release of Shifter-Local, the Docker image for testing WordPress themes and plugins before migrating to Shifter.

For more details, check project on Github.

We’re welcome your feedback. If you have any queries or need any advice,┬áplease get in touch!

Various Updates

Fixed WordPress log-in bug relating to themes and plugins.

Resolved WordPress dashboard link displayed on the Shifter Dashboard when status is ERROR_WAIT.

Refined conditions relating to generator and timeout.

Updated some minor UI issues.

Improved API stability and resolved minor related bugs.