Localhost: An insiders guide to WordCamp Kyoto

WordCamp Kyoto begins tomorrow and this event is packed with an amazing lineup of speakers and sponsors so come learn, collaborate, and connect with the WordPress community. Hiromichi Koga, DigitalCube CEO, has also joined the speaker sessions this year.

Kyoto is one of the places DigitalCube calls home and for that reason, we’ve put together a few suggestions to get the most out of your visit.

This list was curated by Hidetaka Okamoto of DigitalCube, a WordCamp Kyoto 2017 organizer and part of the development team working on Shifter, AMIMOTO, and more.

Something to See


Any fan of Rurouni Kenshin should visit. This ancient temple was once grounds for the special forces militia, Shinsengumi. Kyoto Tsuruya nearby sells traditional Japanese sweets named after Shinsengumi called Tsunodō.



If you are visiting Kiyomizu-dera, see Ninen-zaka on the way. This historic street is lined with original town houses and paved with stone. It’s often crowded in the day time so get there early or late just before sunset to your perfect travel photo.


Something to Eat

Kamo Mitarashi Chaya

The birthplace of Mitarashi dumplings. Need we say more? It’s also near the Shimogamo Shrine, A UNESCO World Heritage site.


Demachi Futaba

One of the famous Japanese confectionary shops in Kyoto or all of Japan. We recommend the bean cake, their specialty. Be prepared they may be a line but it’s worth the wait.



Located in Fushimi this long-established Yakitori restaurant serves quick bites and traditional Japanese sake from the Yamamoto Honke Brewery located within. We recommend, eat, drink, stay awhile.


Something to Experience

Gekkeikan Okura Sake Museum

Visit, taste and learn about Sake from at this museum by the Fushimi’s Brewery. It’s perfect place to taste limited items available nowhere else. If you enjoy Japanese sake we highly recommend you go here.


Taiko Center (Wadaiko experience)

In between writing code relieve some frustration and drum your heart you at the Taiko Center. Schedule a trial lesson for an unforgettable experience unique to Kyoto.

Japanese: https://www.taikolab-kyoto.jp/
English: http://www.taiko-center.co.jp/english/class/kyouto-class.html

Urasenke Chado Research Center (Tea Ceremony Experience)

The tea ceremony Urasenke Chado Research Center in Kyoto is where tradition and culture meet. Kyoto has always been at the heart of Japanese tea culture. Still owned and operated by the Urasenke family, it’s the equivalent of the Vatican in the religion of tea. Another must see.


Coffee Break

Starbucks Kyoto Sanjo Ohashi

Starbucks with the world’s only Japanese style river deck. You can enjoy a beverage while seeing Kamogawa.


D & Department

No frills (as in no WIFI) this place is all about the coffee and tea. This cafe uses locally available ingredients such as Kyo vegetables and the Uji tea is popular.



Kyoto’s well-established coffee shop, Rokuyousha transforms into a bar at night. Great for before or after WordCamp Sessions.


% Arabica Kyoto

Maybe the best latte in Japan? We think so. This hip coffee stand is located within the mall and be prepared wait as everything is made to order, as it should be.


Something Unique

Kyoto International Manga Museum

Features a large collection of Japanese manga, graphic novels, and quiet reading areas.


Kyoto Tenpakuin

Quiet place to work with an on-premises cafe located in a renovated machiya.


Yasui Konpiragū Shrine

One of the temple shrines and temples in Kyoto famous for having the ability to break off bad relationships and begin new, positive ones.