Highlights: AMIMOTO WordPress + AWS Hands-on Warsaw

When our team visited Poland in September 2015, we sponsored, spoke and participated in WordCamp Krakow. We also had our first hands-on workshop after the contributor day.

We were back in Poland again on the 10th of February for another AMIMOTO: WordPress + Amazon Web Services Hands-on WARSAW that was kindly hosted by Google Campus Warsaw.

Campus Warsaw is one of the six Google Campuses around the world.
It’s a massive space that houses hundreds of residents, event attendees and visitors in its coworking Spaces, main event space, classroom, meeting rooms and cafe.

We were welcomed by the staff at the reception area, handing out our Campus ID cards. Getting the Warsaw ID means you’re welcome to use the rest of the Campuses located in London, Tel Aviv, Seoul, Madrid and Sao Paulo.

Last week’s hands-on attendees were composed of developers, programmers, freelancers, business owners and partners, IT and marketing staff.


WooCommerce Powered by AMIMOTO HHVM is one of our newest self-hosting service available at the AWS marketplace.

  • Sell products with ease, customize and set preferences to your shop using WooCommerce, best eCommerce plugin that’s pre-installed in your WordPress site with AMIMOTO as your high performance server.
  • Using the right combination of tools allows your shops and WordPress sites be scalable, speedy and maintains performance for any traffic load.
  • HHVM is an open-source virtual machine designed for executing programs written in Hack and PHP. HHVM uses a just-in-time compilation approach to achieve superior performance while maintaining the development flexibility that PHP provides.
  • The AWS Management Console allows you to not only control your server, monitor the resources you’re using, but it also allows you to keep track of your customers’ interests, buying pattern and behaviors by integrating AWS tools that’s available directly from the AWS Management Console.

For WooCommerce on AMIMOTO managed hosting, visit this page.

Presentation / Hands-on FAQ:

What will be the cost after 14 free trial?
After your trial expires, you will be automatically converted to a paid, per hour subscription, which in your case t2.micro.

Are there any other costs except AMIMOTO (HHVM)? I understand that the AWS account is on a free tier?
You will be charged with AWS infrastucture (AMIMOTO uses AWS services such as EC2 and EBS).
If your account is newly created, you are entitled to free EC2 usage of 750 hours. Please see AWS Free Tier.

Is the space that we choose during the hands-on (10GB, from 30GB) enough to host one domain?
10 GB is enough space to host a website, everything depends from your needs and the type of your website. You also can increase it the 10GB to 20GB or even 30GB as needed.

What if I prefer other plugins instead of the pre-installed ones, what should I do?
All pre-installed plugins are not yet activated (except for NGINX Cache Controller).
You may delete them and replace them with the plugins that you prefer. However, we recommend that you keep the NGINX Cache Controller running, as the number of access to your site may be affected.
Nginx Cache Controller Test Results

AMIMOTO: WordPress + Amazon Web Services hands-on Warsaw is an event introducing WordPress, AWS, tools, resources and the basics of AMIMOTO and how their functionalities help you solve various issues you’re experiencing on your sites.

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