New AMI: WordPress Powered by AMIMOTO (HVM PHP7 Ready)

We added a new AMI to our AMIMOTO AMI family! New AMI WordPress Powered by AMIMOTO (HVM PHP7 Ready) now entirely supports PHP7 as standard.

Enable PHP7 on your servers without any customization.

Before it is released, you need some customise on launching instance to enable PHP7, and it’s hard to follow the WordPress’ new system requirements.

Separately, I also think the performance improvements in PHP7 are particularly impressive, and major kudos to everyone who worked on that. We will consider whether hosts use PHP7 by default for new accounts next year as well.

Moving Toward SSL

But now you can get the latest WordPress environment with PHP7 standards with a single click.

JIN-KEI supports your bigger WordPress sites

RDS, CloudFront and other AWS services are pre-setted in JIN-KEI. Using JIN-KEI, you can get more secure DB server, global distributed CDN and media storage with low latencies and low costs.

How to use WordPress Powered by AMIMOTO (HVM PHP7 Ready)

It’s pretty easy.
After creating your AWS account, if you don’t have it, access the following URL.

Just follow an startup wizard, you will get PHP7 enabled AMIMOTO AMI.