Introducing CMS

An increasing number of websites are introducing CMS. Not only for updating news and CEO’s blogs, you can also update all pages on your site. Using CMS, you can create and edit contents without knowing HTML and CSS.

Relaunch CMS

  • Is the CMS you’re using now good enough for you?
  • Using the old CMS now. It’s hard to use and understand.
  • Cost much to modify a little.

We hear these a lot.
Moving to the new CMS, it’s quite possible that you can reduce the cost and make it user-friendly.

Social Websites

Building websites using social network systems

Nowadays, social network websites like Twitter or Facebook are very popular.
We can build websites using social network systems, so communication and sharing between users will be much more exciting than  before.

Building an SNS site like Mixi

Build an SNS site for customer retention or communication between members.
You can use my page for each user, messaging between users, implementing forums and so on.

Corporate Web Sites

Building websites for your corporate color

  • “Cool design with a touch of class and a sense of trust.”
  • “Cute but grown-up design.”
  • “Eco-design liked by everybody”

We create websites suited to any taste, matching every client’s request.

Including CMS

It includes CMS that you can easily update news, publish press releases, CEO’s blog, staff’s blog, FAQ, along with others.


H1~5 tags, page titles, Google Analytics, site maps for Google, we take measures for SEO.

Optimizing pages for smart phones and cell phones.

By this time, you must have webpages for mobile devices now.
It displays responsive webpages that will be enjoyable to view in any sort of device.

Facebook Pages

Fan pages in Facebook

Building fan pages in Facebook.
Having a Facebook fan page will help expand and leverage your network.