We bring you Amazon Rekognition

Amazon Rekognition is the deep-learning image-based analysis tool that’s providing new ways for your customers to discover relevant products and recommendations. This service built on AWS can be leveraged to engage users and deliver a unique eCommerce experience.

Managing products is time-consuming

When running an eCommerce store product photography is a significant part of the business. Managing those images, descriptions, and content are an essential part the business and make an impact on SEO too. Building a system that works in your favor is possible with Amazon Rekognition, giving you back more time and making it easier for your customers to find what they need.

Our system provides an automated analysis and optimization of images in your product library. This increases visibility online and improves search. Tagging, categories, keywords, all necessary to search can be handled with our solutions built on AWS.


Auto Labeling

Automatically analyze graphic details and tag them. This process increases images metadata for suggestions and search.

Graphic search

Customers can search images that are visually similar by uploading or selecting ones they are interested in. Graphic search can scan a catalog of thousands returning highly relevant results in seconds.

Graphics based recommendations

Automated labeling enables the system to display similar products with uploaded graphics and provide recommendations to customers on a visual level.

Use Case


Quickly assign and rebuild data for your products. Graphics and products images once labeled over many hours can be generated and improved using our system faster than ever before. This process is the foundation for building a highly relevant recommendation system and improved search.

Selling/Sharing Photographs or Graphics

Amazon Rekognition tags and labels uploaded photographs in each category. You can build a photo sharing or licensing site with this feature quickly.

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