Chatbot development support based on Amazon Web Services

Developing a chat bot can consume many hours of preparation with services to make it work. It’s also important to understand what you want it to do and how it will work. Depending on whether it’s speech based or text input your project may call for a completely different set of tools.

Benefits and Solutions

The Benefits of Amazon Lex

With Amazon Lex we can navigate the complicated process of maintaining infrastructure, language tools, and speech recognition. We can create chat bots for services such as Slack, Twillio, and Facebook Messenger. It’s now easier than ever before to offer a conversation interface and improve dialog with your customers.

AWS Professional Support

Our team of experienced AWS professionals are available for your support. Their knowledge and skill gets put to work so you can get the most of the latest speech recognition services provided by Amazon.

Cooperation with Slack and various Web APIs are also supported

Some of the most popular services are available for integrations such as, Slack, Twilio, and Facebook Messenger. We can also incorporate other services using available APIs on platforms like WordPress and Kintone. This powerful API gives us the flexibility to create tools your customers will love.

Use Case

Information bot

Using Amazon Lex you can build a for customers everyday requests like latest news updates, game stores, or weather reports. This platform and approach also allow developers to deploy these services to mobile devices, online chat, and IoT devices that support rich message formats.

Application Bot

It’s now possible to use natural speech recognition to create powerful interfaces with mobile applications. You can add a voice or text chat interface to create a bot on your mobile device that will support customer tasks such as accessing a bank account, booking a ticket, ordering a dish, or calling a taxi. Added security and control comes by adding Amazon Cognito, Amazon’s user management service. With Cognito, you can refine access, authentication, and synchronize across all devices.

Getting started

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2. Project Fit

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3. Proposal and Development

This is a custom service so let’s discuss the details. After we learn more about your projects needs, we’ll begin to develop our proposal based on your needs and what’s possible using Amazon Lex.

Consultation and inquiries

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