Development and support for Alexa Skills

Before Alexa, creating voice command systems or services seemed difficult. Alexa has helped reduce the high cost of entry into this field and give more power to developers. Our Alexa Skills developer service was created to solve these problems and create voice services everyone can use.

Benefits and solutions

Developing easy to use voice communication apps

Amazon Alexa has excellent voice recognition and supports multi-lingual. We can develop apps using Alexa faster than ever before and with greater accuracy. We also support submitting built Alexa Skills to the Amazon Marketplace.

Of course, Amazon Echo compatible

Using interfaces built with Alexa supported devices like Amazon Echo make it easier to communicate with voice.

AWS Professional Support

Our Certified AWS Professionals have experience creating products on AWS services. We can get the most out of the device ecosystem and speech recognition services provided by Amazon.

Also supports cooperation with various Web APIs such as CMS and SaaS services

Integrating services using 3rd party Web APIs from CMS and SaaS providers is also a great advantage of Alexa. Connecting these services gives your supports a broader range of support and improves communication.

Case study

Talk about ‘Alexa & WordPress’ in WordCamp Singapore 2016

Our Sponsor booth in WordCamp Singapore 2016

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Use case

FAQ for products and service contracting through Alexa

FAQ contents and knowledge databases
Conversion and CV
Answering questions from data on FAQ and knowledge databases
Introduction example for even booth
ASK → answering questions from data on FAQ and knowledge databases through WEB API.
Resolving issues and FAQs. Also, supports answering questions from visitors on a booth in exhibitions or events.

Create skillset for searching job information

Job information website
Conversion and CV
Lead customers to apply over the phone.
ASK → search job information through WEB API.
Shorten steps for Conversion and CV.

Create skill set for speaking the latest news

News media, Information site
Conversion and CV
Lead customers to access the news or the posts.
ASK (Flash Briefing) → get the latest news through WEB API and speak them.
Drive customers engagement for the website.

Getting started

1. Inquiries

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2. Project Fit

We’ll review your project request and discuss if it’s a good fit based on Amazon Alexa specs and your requirements.

3. Submit skills to Alexa Skills Store

Our team moves ahead with submitting your Skill to the Alexa Skills Store.

Consultation and inquiries

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