WP Booster

Using the same machine resources and specs, this improves the performance.
Experience the revolutionary power of WP Booster.

Surprisingly easy to start

  • No need to move your server (server migration)
  • No need to tune up performance
  • No need to modify WordPress core code

Yon don’t need to do any of the above.
Without any change to your site or server, the service will reduce and distribute server load and make your site faster.

Revolutionary Speed-up Solution

Using WP Booster, you don’t need to maintain or manage expensive servers for site performance. Depending on the amount of request, WP Booster automatically responds to it, so you don’t have to manage it.
Also, WP Booster caches static contents and puts them on the edge locations around the world, then processes the requests from visitors through the most direct way, and makes responses overwhelmingly faster.

Superior Cost Performance.

No need to invest in servers for rapid increase of traffic or spend resources and time for optimizing WordPress.
Using WP Booster, you can reduce much of the investment cost and development resources.