Amazon Alexa Skills

We develop your Alexa Skills

Amazon Alexa has well voice recognition service and supports multi-lingual. We develop voice recognition apps swiftly and more efficiently using Alexa Skills the app for Amazon Alexa. We also encourage submitting built Alex Skills to Amazon MakretPlace. Our well-skilled engineers support your submission.

Detail of Alexa Skills development

Amazon Lex

Chatbot development support based on Amazon Web Services

To develop a chat bot, many development working hours such as preparation of a server executing a bot and cooperation with each web service occur. Also, it is necessary to have a mechanism to understand the contents of the input text, and a mechanism for speech recognition and text playback if it supports speech.We needed to solve these problems and make it easier and faster to release interactive interfaces.

Detail of Amazon Lex development

Amazon Rekognition

We bring you Amazon Rekognition

Amazon Rekognition is the deep-learning image-based analysis tool that’s providing new ways for your customers to discover relevant products and recommendations. This service built on AWS can be leveraged to engage users and deliver a unique eCommerce experience.

Detial of Amazon Rekognition

WP Booster

Revolutionary Speed-up Solution

Using WP Booster, you don’t need to maintain or manage expensive servers for site performance. Depending on the amount of request, WP Booster automatically responds to it, so you don’t have to manage it.
Also, WP Booster caches static contents and puts them on the edge locations around the world, then processes the requests from visitors through the most direct way, and makes responses overwhelmingly faster.

Superior Cost Performance.

No need to invest in servers for rapid increase of traffic or spend resources and time for optimizing WordPress.
Using WP Booster, you can reduce much of the investment cost and development resources.


Hyperformance search engine for WordPress!

WordPress is the most used CMS in the world. However, we’re hard to say its search feature is the best. The Elasticsearch provides ultra-fast, easy to use and data visualised analysis feature for WordPress search engine.
You don’t need to worry anymore about complicated SQL queries, the performance of DB or development costs for the search engine.


kintone x WordPress = ultra-fast workflow for property

kintone x WordPress is an integration service which specialised for the property. This service provides real-time web publishing with the latest property’s data without changing any your current workflows. You don’t need to worry about opportunity loss anymore.