Using WordPress and Cloud (AWS), even a small company build and manage a giant web site.
We would like to support your business anytime, so feel free to contact us.

We have supported to develop more than 500 WordPress sites from small business to enterprise business. Also we have provided technical support and a hosting service by high performance cloud. Our vastly-experienced engineers would like to contribute to your business as an innovation engine.



Amiage is a service that helps customers immediately start using the software that run on AWS.

All you need is your AWS account, and it is not required to have a special knowledge of that application, so you don’t have to worry about setting it up.



Amimoto WordPressStack greatly simplifies the development and management of WordPress hosting.
WordPress is a content management platform that allows users to easily publish, manage, and organize a wide variety of content on a website.
Amimoto Stack includes ready-to-run versions of WordPress. It is completely integrated and configured, so you’ll be ready to start developing your WordPress as soon as the AMI is launched onto Amazon EC2.
This is “Amimoto”.

JINKEI_Cloud Formation_Pack

JIN-KEI – CloudFormation Pack

AWS CloudFormation and Chef can be used together to automate your entire deployment and management processes, from your AWS resources to your application artifacts.



Transform your WordPress site into static websites and blogs.



AWS OpsWorks uses automation to simplify operations. You specify how to deploy, scale, and maintain your applications and AWS OpsWorks performs the tasks for you.