Amimoto WordPressStack greatly simplifies the development and management of WordPress hosting.
WordPress is a content management platform that allows users to easily publish, manage, and organize a wide variety of content on a website.
Amimoto Stack includes ready-to-run versions of WordPress. It is completely integrated and configured, so you’ll be ready to start developing your WordPress as soon as the AMI is launched onto Amazon EC2.
This is “Amimoto”.

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Shifter is like nothing you’ve seen before. It seamlessly transforms your site into a series of static HTML files, so you can concentrate on the day-to-day without having to worry about WordPress maintenance, server updates, or scalability. Only Shifter delivers the built-in security and adaptability of WordPress with the breakneck speed of static technology.

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WP Booster

SSL, HTTP/2 and DDoS protections are ready! It’s an easy and ultra-low cost CDN service with a few clicks.
With WP Booster, your site will get SSL certification and ultra-fast accesses without any additional code or plugins. It will block malicious DDoS attacks and provide robust to your server against high traffics.

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Prepare for Launch!
Introducing Pilott, your new high performance WordPress cloud hosting solution.
Customized to fit your specific needs, Pilott simplifies development and is optimized for lightening-fast speed and constant scalability. With Pilott, your site will be fast, flexible, and secure—and you won’t have to give it a second thought.
Three… Two… One — Blast off!