WordPress contact forms with Shifter

Ask any WordPress dev which plugin they use and you’ll probably get an answer (or two) without hesitation.

With Shifter, there are a few determining factors when choosing which contact form plugin to use. Here’s what to look for.

You’ll want to choose a contact form that’s Javascript based. When Shifter is deploying your WordPress site it ultimately creates a static version. Static meaning that pages created with PHP are now flat HTML files with assets hosted across our global CDN. Functions and plugins written in PHP powering those contact forms will no longer work during that process. Most contact forms for WordPress depend on PHP to work so they may not be a good fit on Shifter. The good news and great thing about WordPress is that you’re not limited to what’s available in the plugin directory. You can customize your site as you see fit and It’s easy to integrate other contact form solutions.

Depending on your needs one of these solutions may work for you.


Typeform is well designed, packed with features and offers a free plan to get started. Link from your site to a custom URL or embed your form with their embed scripts right on your WordPress site. If you need conditional logic it’s got that too!

Google Forms

While Google Forms is also free, regarding design it may leave you wanting more. You can style them just enough so they match your brand or design but if want to go full custom look elsewhere. Note, some contact forms can feed directly into Google Sheets so look for that feature if you can use it.

Survey Monkey

You may think of this one as just a survey tool but you can repurpose it as a contact form too. They offer a free plan with limited features but it may be just what you need.

Survey Monkey Screenshot


It’s very WordPress friendly, also offers a free plan and Chris Coyer (if you use WordPress you’ve heard the name) once worked there. If you want more dev friendly features they have a great API too.

Wufoo Screenshot

If you have any recommendations and would like to share, give us a shout!