Looking back at the first-ever, WordCamp Taipei, 2018

Hello everyone, this is Akatsuka, the Customer Success Manager of DigitalCube.

This is our report on the state of WordCamp Taipei 2018 held at Chunghwa Telecom Training Institute in Taipei City on 21st October 2018.

As DigitalCube with a few WordPress related products, we decided to sponsor with a few including, Shifter and AMIMOTO. This was our first event in Taipei and it was the first ever WordCamp Taipei!

Three members of the DigitalCube team were able to attend and we certainly felt a warm welcome with the hospitality of everyone shared. To everyone involved who made this event happen, starting two years ago until it finally happened, we really appreciate your hard work!

Speaker & Sponsor dinner on the previous day. I was also interested in Shifter and AMIMOTO and heard stories.

Event Day – WordCamp Taipei 2018

At the venue, 17 sessions were held with 3 tracks, and a variety of speakers from countries around the world including Taiwan, Japan, Hong Kong, Singapore, the Philippines, and even The United States with over 200 participants!

Session topics ranged from everything including plugin development, community building, · WordPress management, SEO, security, performance, and more.

Some sessions were shared live and made available online. For videos please have a look here: https://www.facebook.com/WordCamp.Taipei/

It was exciting got see a participate in the discussion and launch of this new and local WordPress community. It seems that the there is a peak interest of WordPress in Taipei.

As many as 148 people participated in a social gathering held on the same floor, exchanges and opinions were exchanged. I heard that there was also a question about holding next year, so I am looking forward to the next event from now.

The excitement of the WordPress community in Taiwan is visible. Even here WordCamp community is very active, it is held independently in Chinese and English, and it seems that many members of foreign residents living in Taiwan, as well as local members, are participating.

Are you local to Taipei? Join their local meetup!


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The DigitalCube team supports the WordPress community all around the world!

If you would like to ask questions about WordPress, Shifter, AMIMOTO reach us directly, and please do not hesitate to hear from us.

Until next time! — Seiji Akatsuka