WordCamp for Publishers is back and Shifter is sponsoring!

WordCamp for Publishers Chicago banner

WordCamp for Publishers is back!

This year is the second annual WordCamp for Publishers and we’ll be there as a sponsor, supporting the WordPress community, again.

Starting on August 8, #WCPUB events will kick-off in Chicago at Northwestern University Pritzker School of Law.

This one-of-a-kind event was created for those who “manage publications, big or small” includes tracks and topics on DevOps, product development or management, and editorial.

Speakers included in this years line up are from within and outside the WordPress community representing some of the largest news and media enterprise companies around. Topics range from security beyond WordPress, scaling your infrastructure, and how to improve communication across teams.

Last year we had the great pleasure of presenting on the topic of security. A key factor and reason why we decided to build Shifter!

What attending events like WCPUB has taught us is that there is a lot more going on out there than we ever realize. Some of the ways that WordPress is used fascinates us and inspires us to create more. It’s a perfect location to share feedback and more importantly, listen.

Take a moment to head over to their official site where you can find our sponsor page for WordCamp for Publishers: Chicago.

Shifter #WCPUB Ticket Giveaway!

Connect with us on Twitter using #getshifter and mention @getshifter, for a chance to win and join this special event. We’re giving away one ticket to attend WordCamp for Publishers: Chicago with a few added surprises.

If you’re not the raffling type, head over to the official WordCamp for Publisher’s site to get your ticket today before it’s too late.

Last year at #WCPUB: Denver

To see what you’re in store for this year check out our recap of last year’s event. We had an awesome time and even capped the event off at a Colorado Rockies game!

WordCamp of Publishers: Denver Recap