We’ve open sourced our WordCamp Europe, Docker + WordPress workshop

One of the most rewarding moments for us at WordPress Europe was hosting the workshop on how to use Docker with WordPress.

Titled, On Demand Dev with Docker and WordPress; we covered basic concepts on how to use Docker to power your local development environments and tips for customizing that setup.

Our biggest challenge while planning this event was accommodating the range of experience. Assuming this would be attended by first-time Docker users and pros, we wanted to make it entertaining for everyone regardless of their skill level.

Ultimately, we’re very proud of the outcome and would not hesitate at the chance to do it again. Thank you to the WordCamp Europe 2018 team for giving us the opportunity!

We’ve Open Sourced the Workshop!

If you didn’t have a chance to join us in Belgrade, we’ve published our workshop files and slides for anyone to use, contribute to, or share.

The workshop files can be found on Github:


The slides for this workshop can be found on Speaker Deck:


Need help?

If this is something you’re learning about and have a question, send them our way on Twitter.

You can also open a PR if you’d like to contribute to the workshop examples or lesson plan on Github.