WCEU Session Highlight: Progressive WordPress Themes

One of the upcoming sessions at WordCamp Europe we wanted to highlight is on progressive web technology.

This session is titled; Progressive WordPress Themes, and focused on technology like AMP from Google, Tide, and PWA also known as Progress Web Apps and how to blend that into creating themes.

What’s great about PWA technology and AMP?

AMP or Accelerated Mobile Pages is a project created by Google which helps sites deliver content to mobile devices with a smaller page size and reducing the load time. It also adds a bit of their own style to the CSS which can be customized but out of the box, it’s just fine for mobile.

Progress Web Apps are a way of pushing an entire site to the user’s browser all at once. While viewing a PWA it feels fluid and the load times are almost instant. Our team at Shifter is also experimenting with ways to bring PWA tech to static WordPress sites!

Static sites on Shifter are fast because they don’t rely on database calls or server resources, but PWAs would take that a step further by pushing an entire site and reducing the load time during navigation.

We look forward to this session and seeing everyone at WordCamp Europe!