WCEU Session Highlight: JavaScript APIs in WordPress

One of the most interesting talks we are looking forward to seeing at WordCamp Europe is; JavaScript APIs in WordPress, by Adam Silverstein of 10up.

We were lucky to catch one of Adams talks at WordCamp DC last year (their first WC ever!) and his talk was awesome. The level of JavaScript knowledge that Adam can offer the WordPress community is quite impressive and that’s why we recommend this as a don’t miss event.

What’s most interesting to us about this talk is the deep dive the rich library of options users already has within WordPress. In our experience, most users are only familiar with a limited selection such as Backbone and refer to it as the only or one of the only JS libraries or API available in WordPress Core.

This talk is not just about JavaScript, it will also cover related APIs that are available now for developers. APIs that developers can use to build plugins with existing resources already available in Core.

We believe that having a well-rounded knowledge of what’s out there can inform how you build your applications. Even if you’re not an expert in these fields or preparing a talk at WCEU on the topic, it’s good to know so you can begin your search and learn about them.

See you in Belgrade!