There is an official WordCamp Europe App coming to WCEU!

For the first time ever, there is an official WordCamp app!

Unlike most apps for Android and iOS the WordCamp Europe app was created as a progress web application so should work on any device with a modern browser.

This sounds like it will be very helpful and if you have attended any conference like this in the past getting lost in your schedule is common.

Even if you have the perfect schedule lined up plans change and being prepared to find open sessions can be crucial to staying engaged.

From the official release on the WCEU site, the app will include info on important timely announcements, lunch (most important), sessions, speaker info and times. Sounds like a great companion for any attendee.

While adding a digital companion to your WCEU experience is great, let’s not forget the human help too! At almost every WordCamp we’ve attended the volunteers lining the halls ready to answer questions and provide support are really the best. If you were to “hypothetically speaking” misplace your laptop, the volunteer staff would likely be your go-to source for support.

We wonder if there could be a message or SOS feature added to the WCEU app? Hmm.. Maybe?

Check out their full release here for all the fun details on when this will be generally available.