The last minute dash for WordCamp Europe 2018!

We’re in the final weekend before WordCamp Europe begins so  now is a good time to double check those travel plans.

Here’s a rundown of our last minute reminders!

Stay Connected

From the official WCEU guide, the organizers recommend picking up a SIM if you have a phone that will accept it. This will give you access to data and a mobile hotspot if your phone supports that too.

One helpful tip we just discovered was the AT&T International Day Pass. This type of pass is pay per use, about $10 USD per day for unlimited data, talk and text. If you’re a customer and the timing it right it may be something worth looking into.

Another great service we recommend is Skyroam. This is a wifi hotspot that works pretty much anywhere in the world. If you’re thinking of trying Skyroam last minute, Amazon Prime may be your own source for getting one this late i the game but they are handy to have. We bring ours as a backup or primary wherever we go.

Thy Holy Schedule

There’s a lot going on at WCEU this year so one tip we recommend is using their star feature for event you want to attend, or making a schedule on your calendar.

Another great idea is to toss your sessions into a spreadsheet and share that with friends. A viewable only public doc is perfect to share with a friend so you can meet up later.

Get the Official Guide

Check out the official guide from WCEU here, for more info on food the lowdown on times, places to be and where to party.