Shifter v1 – EOL announcement and how to migrate to v2

Dear Shifter Customers, thank you for using Shifter!

We have exciting updates coming your way and wanted to announce the end-of-life date for Shifter Version 1. We’ve decided to sunset Version 1 as an effort to focus on the latest release of Shifter and continue to deliver new features and performance.

Over one year ago, we launched Shifter based on an idea for more secure and faster WordPress hosting. Today, that idea has evolved into not only a static site generator for WordPress but also a managed serverless WordPress hosting platform.

The end-of-life support and access to Shifter Version 1 features will end March 1st, 2018. If you’re running v1, migrate today!

Who does this effect?

Early adopters of Shifter have sites launched on Shifter Version 1. These sites are still accessible and will be accessible until March 1st, 2018.

How can I migrate to Shifter Version 2?

Any site launched or created since October 1st, 2017 is running on Shifter Version 2. If that’s you (that’s most if not all of you) everything is great!

If you are running on Version 1, follow our migration guide like any WordPress migration and you’ll be up and running within just a few minutes.

What’s different between Version 1 and 2?

Under the hood, a lot! When we released Version 2, it came with a completely new API, ways to easier manage sites and migrations, and it’s way faster. Check out the full release notes from that announcement.