New Agency Pricing, Team Features and more

Introducing Agency+

Need to host a lot of WordPress sites? The new Agency+ plan on will cover up to 50 WordPress sites and includes all the features of Agency, Business, and Personal.

More Sites on Personal Plans

We increased the number of sites the Personal plan from 1 to 3 projects, adding more flexibility for the same price.

New Team Features

Get the whole team on board with sub users, now available on Business, Agency and Agency+ plans.

Updated UI and Squashed Bugs

Some updates to mobile and smoothing out the UI. User feedback is always appreciated in this area. If you see something, say something! We want to fix it for you.

Shifter Generator

We’ve improved processing speed and stability of the Shifter generator.

Our previous update was a major upgrade to the system overall and this update focuses on the generator itself. You can also change the email address for user notifications when the generator is complete.

App and WordPress

Updated WordPress Core to 4.8.2. Made some updates and tuning parameter on Docker infrastructure.

Stay Updated

For more info on previous feature releases check our support site.