Shifter offers improved handling of redirects and managing your static WordPress sites

For this platform update, Shifter offers improved handling of redirects and Artifacts.

Creating static sites using WordPress and Shifter is easy. Create a new WordPress site with one click or migration in just a few minutes. Once you’re up and running you can then use our static site generator to build and deploy your site. If you change your site often those static Artifacts can really start to add up.

That’s why we have introduced pagination and bulk delete features.

Improved Redirect Support

We’ve updated our functions to add more support for redirects and patterns using the WordPress Redirection plugin. The extended coverage focuses on slash patterns and trailing slashes.

Bulk Delete Artifacts

Each static Artifact is stored in the Shifter Dashboard along with your site. You can select any past build to deploy as your live site. If you have older Artifacts that you clearly don’t need or want to clean house you can now select multiple Artifacts to delete at once.

This new feature is an extension to the existing feature of deleting single Artifacts.

Artifact Pagination

In addition to our bulk delete feature we also introduced pagination to make sites with lots of Artifacts load fast when viewing the Dashboard.

Minor Fixes

Along with these Dashboard UI updates, we have also introduced a few minor UI fixes to make the Shifter Dashboard load faster and easier to use.