Shifter now deploys WordPress 4.9.6 just in time for GDPR Day

Shifter containers now deploy WordPress sites with the latest version, 4.9.6, just in time for GDPR day!

This update is the latest stable release for WordPress Core and includes fixes for bugs, GDPR compliance, options for handling personal data, and more.

Is this a minor update?

Yes and no. While this appears to be a minor version don’t let that fool you. This update includes as many as 95 changes, according to the official release notes.

It offers helpful features from displaying the minimum required PHP version from the WordPress Dashboard to improved sorting and labeling of uploads in the Media Library.

Most importantly, it includes updates relating GDPR.

What’s GDPR?

It’s kind of like Y2K if you had the pleasure of living through that.

Also known as theĀ General Data Protection Regulation. It’s a new regulation that will go into effect tomorrow, May 25th and effects anyone doing business online with customer data in the European Union.

While this regulation is rolling out in the EU it’s common for providers to roll out these changes across their products or sites in all regions.

The Shifter team wanted to provide WordPress 4.9.6 to all users and new deployed sites to help our customers stay compliant where ever they may be.

What’s next?

This release is a footnote compared to the version 5 roadmap. If you’re headed to WordCamp Europe, be prepared for a lot of discussions about this release and what’s next for data privacy and WordPress.

Beyond what compliance updates get baked into Core it’s a good idea to keep basic security in mind too as this update doesn’t address common vulnerabilities relating WordPress or provide additional protection against hacks.

If you’re tired of downtime, getting hammered with block brute force attacks and aim for peace of mind, try Shifter.