Fixes, Features, and a revamped Shifter Dashboard

For this update, we focused on improving the Shifter API so our developers would have more options to bring new UI features and data into the Dashboard. We also added a few helpful tools not available in the previous version.

New Shifter Dashboard

With an updated API we decided to improve the Dashboard experience with a few JS framework and look. The result is a more fluid feeling interface that’s organized to fit the Shifter workflow and give you easier access to manage your Serverless WordPress sites.

We can now be agile and iterate more often. If you see an improvement or something you’ve been long waiting for let us know! We incorporate user feedback often in our updates.

Add names to Artifacts

Naming an Artifact is helpful for keeping track generated sites as you create them. Title them with as notes for new features or add versioning.

Cancel uploads in progress

When uploading a WordPress archive to Shifter Dashboard you can now cancel the upload during and after completion.

Visual Data and Bandwidth Usage

New UI features added to this Dashboard are screenshots for deployed sites for quicker visual reference, and a graph for disk and data transfer usage. This is helpful to keep an eye on usage for your selected plan. You can always upgrade or change your plan from the Shifter Dashboard too.

For the full list of updated, check out our support docs. If you haven’t tried Shifter yet get started┬átoday!