Serverlessconf NYC is back and we’ll be there!

Serverlessconf NYC 2017

Let’s welcome back again, Serverlessconf NYC! The community-sourced event for all things Serverless.

And! We are so thrilled to announce our sponsorship of this years event taking place in Hells Kitchen, NYC.

Shifter is sponsoring Serverlessconf for a couple reasons. First, we believe that Serverless is the future of software architecture. Second, WordPress should be a part of it!

We’ll be there to learn, listen and share our experience of creating Shifter, one of the only Serverless SaaS solutions for WordPress.

Serverlessconf NYC will likely be the largest yet. It should be a record setting year for this event and other tech conferences in 2017, with others like Amazon re:Invent (another one we’re sponsoring) expecting 40,000 attendees this year!

Tech giants like Google, AWS, Microsoft, and IBM will be also be there. An impressive line-up of participating partners adds to the validity and momentum that Serverless has right now.

Topics covered should range from technical and conceptual to storytelling and personal experiences. Expect a lot of heady ideas or sit back and get wowed by the amazing work taking place throughout the community.

Serverlessconf NYC 2017 starts on October 8th with a full-day Hackathon. This is a great opportunity to dig in and try something new. The challenge topic of the Hackathon is to create something the community can benefit from. Sounds like a lot of fun and it could cover everything from big data to IoT.

Day two is October 9th. This is a time to learn something new at one of the 5 unique Serverless workshops. That’s so many workshops to choose from! These workshops led by gurus from A Cloud Guru are a perfect place for honing your Serverless skills.

Conference days are October 10th and 11th. These days are full of sessions, lightning talks, and panel discussions. It’s also an ideal time to connect with other developers working on projects, companies looking for new hires or even VCs looking to invest in the future of Serverless tech.

If you are attending Serverlessconf NYC stop by our booth to say, hello! We’d love to hear more about what you’re working on.

And, we’ll have a few sweet surprises for anyone to enjoy.