Serverlessconf NYC: What we learned and our Shifter recap

Serverlessconf NYC is over but it has sure given us a lot to think about.

It really feels like this community is taking a stake in what comes next for serverless and why it matters.

For us attending and sponsoring Serverlessconf was about connecting with other developers. It was a perfect sounding board to talk about Shifter on more of a technical level and gather feedback.

Deciding what to build next based on what customers need is easy because they will tell you directly. Making a decision about how to build that feature is often more difficult.

We learned a lot, got inspired and can’t wait for the next Serverlessconf in Tokyo. Another event we are sponsoring and a few of us have the incredible opportunity to speak at too!

Here are a few takeaways and our favorite moments from Serverlessconf NYC, 2017:

1. First Serverlessconf Hackathon!

The first-ever Serverlessconf Hackathon, Led by Jonathan Graham was an opportunity to hone your skills and collaborate on new ideas with other developers.

This one-day event was focused on building something that could help a particular community. Some ideas wilder than other but all were inspiring.

2. Why the fuss about Serverless

serverlessconf nyc photo by @drewfirment

One of your favorite talks from was by Simon Wardley titled, Why the Fuss about Serverless.

It covered a broad range of topics but really hit home with how serverless could and is changing the way we build new software and manage existing ones.

Simon says, the future of the entire software industry is being created at #ServerlessConf, today, in 2017. Bold statement but we couldn’t agree more!

As the technology and services that power our applications progress, we look to use them more as a commodity resource rather than a bespoke one-off tool.

3. The State of Serverless Security

Kicking off the first day of sessions, Mark Nunnikhoven presented ideas on The State of Serverless Security.

Security is always a favorite topic among developer especially when one of the added features of going serverless is for security.

For example, he talked about the idea how the serverless model is different therefore we have to reconsider what’s a priority.

First, focus on Functions, that’s our biggest responsibility as developers since that’s what runs our applications and we wrote it in the first place.

Second, what role do 3rd party services play? Depending on your particular application you may depend on more than a few services, APIs, etc. These are all entry points into your application and do you really know what’s going on behind the scenes?

Lastly, let’s touch on Data flows. With many functions and services coming together to build your app it’s hard to tell what’s really happening. When something goes wrong do you have the right tools to pinpoint what happened and fix it or is this something you’re left guessing?

Gaining more insight into your application through data monitoring tools is never a bad idea. It’s worth considering adding sooner than later.

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