Shifter is Featured on the Serverless Framework Blog!



Big thanks to our friends at the Serverless Framework! They said a lot of nice things about us on their blog, but here are the highlights:

“Maintaining WordPress sites demands significantly more time and attention as the website gains popularity (and more traffic) or the number of websites you manage increases. In some cases, the amount of time spent maintaining the backend can exceed the work put into new content. This can cause major problems for WordPress users as their websites grow.
Shifter addresses these issues by converting a dynamic WordPress site into static files…The biggest advantage of using this architecture is that you don’t need to maintain servers or manage user credentials, so you can concentrate on the code.

Check out the full post here:
How Shifter Introduced Serverless Hosting to WordPress Using AWS, DynamoDB & the Serverless Framework. And then them Shifter sent you!

About Serverless Framework

The Serverless Framework is the world’s leading development framework for building serverless architectures.