See you at AWS re:Invent and WordCamp US!

reInvent WordCamp Us 2017

We’re about to have our biggest week ever.

Shifter team members from around the world will gather in Las Vegas to kick-off a very busy week.

This will be our first time sponsoring AWS re:Invent followed by (as in the very next day) WordCamp US.

That’s right!

Two milestone events for AWS and WordPress happening back to back. We’re very lucky to have this opportunity to attend, collaborate and meet new friends in the tech community!

If you are attending re:Invent swing by our booth, K50! Strategically selected and placed closest to the AWS village and libations lounge.

While these industries have a lot in common they don’t seem to have much community overlap. For us, we are very active in both and could not be more thrilled to have the opportunity to attend each of their signature events.

For us, re:Invent is like a technology holiday. It’s a time to dig in and learn about the latest tech from AWS, how other companies are using it and what might come next. There are always surprises with new announcements and even rediscoveries with using existing products.

We decided to come out for this years re:Invent as a sponsor to share our approach to WordPress hosting. What we’ve learned attending these events like DevOpsDays to ServerlessConf is that WordPress is relevant even the most technologically advanced companies in the world.

From corporate sites to company blogs, WordPress is often the perfect tool and developers recognize this. Deciding to go with WordPress isn’t always a technical reason, there is often a human component as well.

Developers can build and deploy but not everyone is equipt or familiar with writing Markdown or bespoke CMS integrations. They want something simple and easy to use.

That scenario is part of why we created Shifter giving developers more options for securing and deploying their sites.

Shifter is a WordPress Static Site Generator with perks.

When speed is the end game it’s importing to balance how to get there without compromising security or flexility. For simplicity or sake of getting up and running, you’ve may have considered or committed to building with generators like Ghost or Jekyll.

There’s nothing wrong with that and sometimes exactly what you need. As a developer, it’s important to branch out and try new things.

The idea of Shifter was founded on those tools and what they offer. We wanted to bring their benefits into the WordPress ecosystem, so we created Shifter.

WordPress as a static site generator seems like an odd concept at first. But the more we thought about this the more it made sense. The feedback and use cases are always surprises for us.

We can’t wait to hit the AWS re:Invent sponsor expo hall to demo Shifter and gather more of that feedback!

See everyone at re:Invent!