Updated project stats, downloadable artifacts, and data data data!

New Features

Projects statistics

Usage across all sites is now aggregated and visible in one place. You can check usage and transfer amount in the Account area under Statistics.

Created and last launched date

You can check projects’ created and last launched date

Artifacts are now downloadable

Artifacts created after December 1st are now downloadable. The newly added download icon will be displayed if the artifact is available.

Shifter will skip caching plugins

The list of known caching plugins were updated to allow the Shifter generator to disable and skip them if found. Caching plugins are not necessary on Shifter and are known to cause some issues.

The full list of auto-disabled plugins can be found here.

New server environment stats page

We’ve published server environment page displaying Shifter’s current software and installed packages. You can check what version of PHP and DB is running on Shifter.

We also recommend using plugins like Health Check for a quick reference to view stats or red flags with our WordPress theme, plugins and the current environments.

User Interface Updates

With every release we are refining the UI to make Shifter easier to navigate and use. Send us your feedback if there’s anything you’d like to see!

Fix some minor bugs

A most unceremoniously squashing of the bugs. 🐞 ⚔️