Preparing for WordCamp Europe with Shifter-Local

At the upcoming WordCamp Europe the Shifter team will be hosting a workshop on Docker, Docker Compose and how to use these tools for local WordPress web development.

The workshop is titled, On Demand Dev with Docker and WordPress, and it’s currently full but feel free to swing by the Shifter sponsor booth for a one-on-one with us if you cannot make it.

We’ve based this workshops ideas on our own internal projects with Shifter and it’s the backbone of how we run WordPress.

It’s also a part of a open source project we’ve released to help developers test Shifters hosting environment on their local machine before migrating.

Shifter uses container hosting environment to temporary run WordPress as needed. Once your changes or updates are complete, Shifter then creates a static version of your WordPress site and deploys that for the world to see.

This testing tool is called Shifter-Local. It includes all the necessary software neatly packed in one place and can be started with a few simple commands.

It’s also a great way to get familiar with using Docker, which is what our WCEU workshop is about!

While Shifter-Local offers basic customization options, we will be building a similar projects in our Docker workshop which can be highly customized for your particular needs.

We’re looking forward to sharing more of these ideas and hearing your feedback at WordCamp Europe!