How To: Move to Shifter by WP-CLI

You can very easily to move to Shifter by using WP-CLI. Here’s how:

The “wp shifter” command

wp shifter is the WP-CLI command that enables you to import/export your WordPress site for Shifter.

How to upload your website to Shifter through WP-CLI

Simply run the following command—and don’t forget to input your Shifter username and password!

$ wp shifter upload
Shifter Username: jack
Password (will be hidden):
Success: Logged in as jack
Creating an archive:   100% [=======================] 0:23 / 0:04Success: Created an
Success: 🍺 Archive uploaded successfully.

That’s all there is. You can now start your website on Shifter.

How to install “wp shifter” command

Installing via package command

$ wp package install shifter/cli:@stable

Installing manually

$ mkdir -p ~/.wp-cli/commands && cd -
$ git clone

Add following into your ~/.wp-cli/config.yml.

  - commands/wp-cli-shifter/cli.php