Managing your WordPress Database with ARI Adminer on Shifter

Manage and take full control of your WordPress database with ARI Adminer and Shifter.

Ari Adminer is a drop-in replacement to PhpMyAdmin offering an intuitive interface, support for the latest MySQL features with added performance and security. It comes as a free WordPress Plugin available in the official Plugin directory.

There are plenty of reasons why we recommend Adminer as our go-to WordPress database management tool but don’t take our word for it, check out the full list on their site.

It’s helpful for handling direct database changes and offers stable features so you can use it with confidence. Using Adminer and Shifter together you can maintain the features of WordPress while deploying your site with our WordPress static site generator.

However, it is important to note mistakes can happen and Shifter does not track the changes you make while using Adminer. Use this plugin carefully and at your own risk.

Always backup your database before, during and after using Adminer. Just in case because it’s better safe than sorry.

Installing ARI Adminer

  1. Navigate to the WordPress Plugins install page from within your WordPress site on Shifter and search “Ari Adminer”
  2. Click Install and Activate
  3. Accessing Ari Adminer
  4. Ari Adminer will add its own tab navigation to your WordPress Admin Dashboard. Navigate to this tab to get started.


​There are two options for running Adminer within WordPress. We recommend running Adminer with in a Modal window. This will keep your WordPress container active during use.

Adminer admin

​This is the Adminer control panel. From here to can import, export, run commands, and navigate your database data.

​Exporting your database with Ari Adminer

  1. Click the export option in the left control panel
  2. Choose output file type such as zip
  3. Choose your prefered file format
  4. Choose other options if you need specific tables, and more
  5. Click export and your download should begin

Dropping a database with Ari Adminer

⚠️ Caution: This operation cannot be undone

  1. Choose your database
  2. Check the topmost checkbox to select all database rows
  3. Click Drop

Import an existing database with Ari Adminer

⚠️ Caution: This operation cannot be undone

  1. Click [Import]
  2. Select file to import
  3. Click [Execute]
  4. Check imported data​

Running SQL Commands with Ari Adminer

⚠️ Caution: this operation cannot be undone

  1. Click [SQL command]
  2. Input SQL command in text area in right page
  3. Click [Execute]
  4. Check output​