Looking forward to WordCamp Philly 2018

WordCamp Philly is back! It kicks off tomorrow and this year it’s going to be an especially good one for a lot of reasons, among them, is we are sponsoring!

We call Philadelphia home with our first office in the US. It’s also where the first-ever Shifter event was held in addition to our beta launch back in 2016 at WordCamp US. We believe that Philly has an awesome WordPress community so we are supporting through sponsoring as Shifter and AMIMOTO.

What to expect at WordCamp Philly

This WordCamp offers 4 unique tracks for every interest from WordPress 101 to Advanced Dev Topics. It’s all happening on one day with a second day dedicated to Contributor Day.

There are almost 40 speakers this year! That’s an incredible deal for a $40 ticket. Speakers include veteran developers and instructors, ally advocates, marketing experts, and copywriters just to name a few.

What’s also interesting about this event is that in addition to the regular sessions, there are two panels discussions.

For the full schedule and details check out the official WordCamp Philly website.

What we’re looking forward to

With such a variety of sessions, it’s very hard to choose which to attend. When we’re not working the booth, you can likely catch us at any of the following talks.

Fast Track Your Design Process by Justin Nealey

As a fellow WordPress designer, I know how much time it takes to work with a client and get a website created. It can feel like an eternity with the initial consult, getting the pieces together, creating the rough draft to their requirements, presenting the rough draft, going back and forth with updates, and so on.

Making Friends with the Inspector by Tara Claeys

When I started learning and playing with CSS, I didn’t know how to use the browser inspector (I use Chrome). The first time someone showed me how to use the Inspector, I was hooked on “playing” with code and learning how CSS properties relate to each other.

How to Write Winning Website Copy by Gayle Williams

How many times have you had to wrestle with clients to pull out the website copy you need to complete their website? If you are not a writer at heart you may feel hesitant to add website copywriting to your project proposal. Fear no more. Even Thomas Jefferson struggled to write the Declaration of Independence and get it past the committee’s approval, but look what good copy can accomplish!

Converting Brand New Website Visitors into Paying Customers by Joe Howard

Getting more traffic to your website is always a good feeling. But what are you supposed to do once you’re getting enough traffic but aren’t yet winning new customers? I’ll go over some best practices of what to do (and what not to do) in order to slowly turn new visitors into paying customers.