Introducing the Shifter Support Plugin for on-demand Artifacts

Generate Static Sites from the WordPress Dashboard

Shifter-Support is a new addition to the Shifter Plugins line up.

Including functionality for controlling the WordPress container, Generating Artifacts from the WordPress Dashboard. It also displays diagnostic information, helpful for troubleshooting or contacting support.

This Plugin is included as a mu-plugin on every new Shifter project. No need to install or setup!

Prior to this release starting and stopping your WordPress application container was available only from the Shifter Dashboard. Including this feature as a WordPress Plugin gives Shifter users more flexibility while managing their sites.

The Shifter-Support Dashboard Widget displays active plugins and identifies those which are known to be incompatible with Shifter.

While this is the first public release of Shifter-Support WordPress Plugin there are more updates to come. It’s also Open Source and available on Github!

Now running PHP 7.2

We now support runtime PHP 7.2 in preparation for the WordPress communities official recommendation.

Shifter-Local Updates

A follow-up to our last announcement of Shifter-Local, the Docker container for running and testing Shifter sites from your local desktop environment.

This release fixes some issues while running Shifter-Local on Linux environments. If you are running Linux and testing this projects, send us your feedback on Github. Contributions and PRs are welcome!

Improved Error Reporting

It’s now easier to identify errors while generating artifacts and reporting them to our support desk.

Upgraded Docker Infrastructure

We’ve made updates to Shifters Docker infrastructure to stay current with the latest releases and improved stability.

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