Introducing Shifter Safe Mode: a new way to troubleshoot WordPress themes and plugins

Introducing Shifter Safe Mode, a new way to troubleshoot WordPress themes and plugins on Shifter. This new feature is generally available now, for all users.

Shifter Safe Mode (SSM) key features include:

Enabled from the Shifter Dashboard: To start safe mode, navigate to the site you need to manage and the Site Settings tab. There you’ll see a new tab called Emergency Actions where this feature is available.

Selectivity disables Themes or Plugins or Both: If you install or update a plugin or theme with a fatal error you can now deactivate them on the next WordPress startup.

Creates an “Emergency user” account: This feature will also create an admin level account with a randomized password so you can access your site.

We created Shifter Safe Mode based on user feedback and to help support users if they get stuck editing their WordPress sites. This feature is completely self-service so recovering from fatal errors is now simple and fast.

As always, we are here to help too!