How To: Integration into Algolia

Algolia shifts you to a next stage search experience on Shifter.

What is Algolia?

Algolia is the high-performance search system with keyword suggestion and sorting search results. After installing the plugin, you may connect your WordPress site to Algolia, and then run Shifter through Algolia’s API!

Setting up Algolia on Shifter

  1. Create an account on Algolia
  2. Login to your WordPress dashboard on Shifter
  3. Install a plugin “Search by Algolia”
  4. Configure Algolia credentials
  5. Import the post’s data into Algolia
  6. Set up search form
  7. Generate your site on the Shifter dashboard

Create an account on Algolia

Algolia offers a free trial and a free plan.

Choose [API Keys] on the left menu.



Copy the following three keys for setting up the plugin:

  • Application ID
  • Search-Only API Key
  • Admin API Key

Login WordPress dashboard on Shifter

Let’s install Algolia into Shifter.

Open WordPress dashboard on your browser and log in.

Install a plugin “Search by Algolia”

Install Algolia plugin for replacing WordPress default search feature with it.


Configure Algolia credentials

Click [Algolia search] and make initial setups.
Input “Application ID,” “Search-Only API Key,” and “Admin API Key” which you copied on Algolia Management page.


Import the posts data into Algolia

Click [Indexing] submenu, make some configuration for pushing Algolia.


By clicking [Save Changes], the plugin automatically synchronizes data to Algolia.


Setting up search form

On [Search Page], for Shifter customer, select Use Algolia with Instantsearch.js.


You can change the search engine to the native WordPress or Algolia on [Search Page].
Then enable [Autocomplete] and configure [Index], [Max. Suggestions] and [Positions].
For Shifter customers, if you want to use Algolia on Shifter, don’t forget to enable this feature.



Generate your site on Shifter dashboard

For the last step, generate a new site from Shifter.
Click [Generate] button, and access created your site.
Inputting letters or words into the search form, Aloglia’s autocompleting feature shows search result without clicking search button or hitting the enter key.


Interested in Algolia the cloud search service?

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