Changelog: Install WordPress faster with our latest release

WordPress Updates

We’ve bumped PHP to version This upgrade is available now for all users.

Shifter will now install WordPress while creating new projects. The username and password automatically be generated for this fresh WordPress installation.

We strongly recommend creating a new admin user and delete Shifter generated user. This update brings you for signing up Shifter, starting up WordPress, generate an artifact and publish seamlessly.


Shifter will ignore a single value of `/` if you set it in the “Source URL” in the Redirection plugin.

Dashboard UI

To avoid accidental site deletion, Shifter will now require users to type in their project name before they can delete the site.

Updates for Organizations

Shifter will attach site created under the free tier to owner account’s default organization. The owner can restrict to sub-user for projects or site; this update will automatically migrate the policy for displaying projects or websites.

Update Note

If you could see blank site list on your Shifter dashboard or any problems, please try log-out and log-in Shifter again. If this doesn’t solve, please contact us.

WP Serverless Search

Our Static Site Search plugin is now available! This plugin brings site search feature for your static websites. For more details, please check our support docs: WordPress Search on Shifter and WP Serverless Search