Hit the ground running at WordCamp Europe with these travel tips

If you are heading to Belgrade this June for WordCamp Europe, it’s probably a good idea to get a lay of the land before you arrive. Lucky for us, the official how-to travel guide covering tips on getting there and exploring Belgrade is now available, here.

The WordCamp staff recommends a taxi as the easiest way to get around Belgrade if you’re in a hurry. According to their release, the fares are reasonable and less expensive compared to other major metropolitan cities.

Another thing to note, which we did not realize, is the size of Belgrade. Most of the action is taking place within 3km or about 2m from the city center. Weather permitting that sounds like a nice walk from any surrounding neighborhood to the next, if you have the time.

This will be our first time in Belgrade and like most WordCamps, it’s a time to explore a new place and make new friends. We’ve been busy updating our Google Maps, checking the local blogs and news media sites for tips.

Here are a few sites we’ve found to be helpful during our search.

Still in Belgrade

According to their about page, Still in Belgrade covers local arts and culture, food, and more. It’s been a great resource for us during our Belgrade research and recommend checking it out.


It may seem like an unlikely travel guide but any city Reddit channel is likely to be a great resource and simple way to connect with locals. If you are looking for first-hand recommendations from Belgrade locals /r/Belgrade may be what you are looking for.

Atlas Obscura: Belgrade

A quick search on Atlas Obscura returns a lot to dig into. While this may be one of the more polished resources, it has the perks of offering images and map data which can be very helpful too.