Featured Site: Nish.com – a blog covering cloud, security, and anything tech


We’d like to take a moment to send a shout-out to Nish Vamadevan for migrating to Shifter!

During this migration, we discussed questions regarding compatibility and discovered features we could improve based on feedback.

One of the biggest questions during this process was support for DIYThemes.

Theme compatibility is a common question for Shifter and considering how many WordPress themes are out there, it’s hard to say yes or no until we try them.

We can now say with confidence, DIYTheme’s Thesis theme is supported!

Also, here’s a thank you to DIYThemes for following along and taking an interest in the migration process.

Generally speaking, any modern theme should work as long as it supports PHP 7 which WP.org also recommends. If you’re unsure and would like to know, we’re always happy to help connect you with theme developers.

Without further delay, here’s our latest featured site and a Q&A with Nish himself for nish.com.

Can you tell us about your project?

A Technical blog which covers predominantly on Network, Security, Cloud and anything Tech.

How did you learn about Shifter?

I found Shifter through a search engine. I was trying to find a way to generate static content for my blog while keeping WordPress as a backend, and Shifter does exactly that.

Why did you choose Shifter as your hosting provider?

There is a number of reasons as follows:

It does exactly what I wanted as a platform.

The team behind it has been in the WordPress field for a while.

I was rather impressed with the customer service and gave me the confidence to host it long term.

The infrastructure is hosted in Amazon AWS which gave me assurance of availability of my hosted data.

What’s different about Shifter that you like?

When it comes to a company, I always look for one which is active in the community. Shifter has been doing exactly that and it gave me confidence that they will always innovate new things and stay current to the current technology trend.